Allow 3 minutes to load the game. Optimized for google chrome. Instructions: A/W/S/D or arrows to move; ‘space’ to jump; ‘mouse’ to rotate camera.

Goals: find the hidden code to get 40% discount on NSD005 vinyl bandcamp. Only available for the first 50 units!

Immersive walkthrough at Lisbon venue DESTERRO. You may discover all rooms of the venue, know more about lisbon collectives and labels through QRCodes and find a socially-conglomerated crowd raving during the pandemic world.

This nostalgic “made by memory game” is about a moment and a place that isn’t forgotten yet, though the contours of a night now feel very different. Try an immersive digital rave experience, win a 40% discount on NSD005 vinyl. Good luck and look out for each other on the dancefloor.

Game Design and programming by Hugo Barão